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What does Predictiv do?

DNA sequencing: We sequence your DNA from your finger nail tips using a next generation sequencer such as NovaSeq-6000.

Precision medicine: We identify your genetically susceptible diseases based on the DNA variants in all your genes.

Being proactive: We educate you on our findings of your genetically susceptible diseases and the early symptoms.

Why do we need to sequence all 20,000 genes?

To be proactive; the DNA sequence of 20,000 genes is like the blueprint for a building. If you see a problem in a building structure, you may want to see the blueprint to identify the problem. The best approach is to prevent a problem even before it happens if you can find its origins in the blueprint. Sequencing all 20,000 genes is like having a complete blueprint for all of your genes. Another benefit for sequencing all 20,000 genes is that you can quickly evaluate your genetic susceptibilities to conditions that you would not consider now. From our Standard Package, we provide easy electronic access to all your variants of your genes.

What is next generation sequencing?

We use a DNA sequencer based on next generation sequencing technology. Compared to other DNA sequencing technologies, it allows high throughput sequencing possible by the massively parallel sequencing feature.

Do you share data with 3rd parties?

Data security and privacy is in our DNA. We do not share or sell any data.


Do you follow FDA regulations?

Predictive, as Category 2 Level 1 & 2 Software as a Medical Device, follows FDA regulations and are compliant with HIPAA.