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It started with our father...

... who was diagnosed with a rare stomach cancer.  As scientists and educators in the field of genomics, molecular biology and physics, we went on a deep dive looking for answers.  So, we decided to analyze his DNA for possible hidden clues or answers. In our search, we found the variant that may have caused the cancer.  Realizing that if we knew about his genetic predisposition much earlier, this disease could have been predicted and possibly prevented before it was too late.

So we kept going and Predictiv was born.


Our Mission

At Predictiv, we are dedicated to helping people live their most happy, healthy lives, for the longest time, by combining nature + nurture and making it accessible, affordable, and understandable for all.


We believe that

 health systems need to shift from "sick" care to "well" care.

everyone should have access to affordable personalized and precision health care.  

diseases and poor health outcomes can be predicted and prevented with the right tools and people.   

Our care curators





Sajung Yun, PhD, MBA

Johns Hopkins University

Adjunct Professor

Biomedical Sciences Ph.D,

Sijung Yun Chief Scientific Officer John Hopkins University adj. Professor, Bioinformatics expert at NIH, Biophysics PhD




Mhy-Lanie Adduru Chief Medical Officer MD physician, Clinical trial researcher, bioinformatician


Princy Francis Research and Development Lead PhD in Experimental Oncology, Genomics, and Bioinformatics Research


Sijung Yun, PhD

Johns Hopkins University

Adjunct Professor

Bioinformatics Expert at NIH

Mhy-Lanie Adduru, MD

Translational Genomics and Clinical Bioinformatics

Genomics Clinical Research


Princy Francis, PhD

Experimental Oncology Ph.D.

Post-doctorate at NIH Cancer Institute and Mayo Clinic

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