DNA Based digital Twin Health Package

This kit analyzes your personal DNA to predict and prevent over 22,500 diseases and simulate your body reaction to 784 drugs.


From your fingernail to your personalized preventive plan:

  1. Everything starts with your DNA sample. After you receive your kit, just follow the instructions and send back your DNA sample (finger- or toenails). 
  2. Once received, we extract your DNA, sequence it, and analyze it to create your Digital Twin.
  3. We then send you an invitation to take an online or face-to-face consultation with a genetic counselor who will take the time to get into details with you and set-up your personalized preventive plan.


This package includes:

  • DNA Collection kit
  • DNA Extraction
  • Next Generation Sequencing on over 20,000 genes
  • Lifetime Digital Twin access
  • 1st Genetic Counseling session with one of our partners


    DNA Based digital Twin Health Package

    1. DNA Collection: You will receive your kit within a few days. Send us back your nails in the jar and the prepaid envelope.
    2. DNA Analysis: We will then extract the DNA, sequence it and analyze it, just sit tight and wait!
    3. Genetic Counseling: Once your Digital Twin is ready, you will receive an email to make an appointment with one of our genetic counselors that will go with your through the key findings and set up a personalized preventive plan based on your data's predispositions .

    The whole process usually take 6 to 8 weeks.