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Personalized health at your fingertips.

Meet your digital twin.

At Predictiv, we focus on combining nature + nurture to capture a complete picture of you. This way, we can achieve the best possible way to simulate, predict and prevent diseases and drug side-effects and promote wellness.


A digital version of you and all of your genes

Screened against 22,000+ diseases and 750+ drugs and supplements


Integrated with your health history and lifestyle data 

Better predict and prevent diseases and adverse events from drugs and promote wellness


Delivered as an interactive platform

"Google" your own genes and health data and create a custom care plan with your personalized care team

Redefining health care.
We harness the power of AI and combine it with the human touch.


Comprehensive DNA screening

Whole exome or whole genome sequencing

AI analysis of 20,000 genes and 22,000+ known diseases

Screens for 750+ drugs and supplements


Care team you can trust

Board-certified doctors

Licensed genetic counselors

Registered nurses care managers

Licensed nutritionists and wellness coaches

Personal care manager 24/7

Your care manager is available 24/7

Build custom health plans with your nutritionists or wellness coaches

On-demand availability to answer all of your questions

Digital twin at your fingertips

Explore your digital twin and "google" your own genes and health data

Virtual appointments from the convenience of your home

Share your digital twin with other care providers

Reimagining health data.

Doctor's Appointment

Data Ownership & Privacy

You own your data, always. We never sell or share any of your data without your prior consent.

Health Data Access 24/7

Access your health data anywhere and anytime.  Share it with your existing or new care team members.

Our process is simple.

Health care at your fingertips.


Let us be
your partners in care.

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