the first DNA Digital Twin to assess
your risk level of 
22,500+ diseases 

& simulate your personalized
reactions to
750+ drugs


Welcome to Predictiv.
The future of medicine that helps predict and prevent diseases.





of cancers are caused by genetic mutations

of chronic diseases have an inherited susceptibility

of adult hospital admissions in the US are related to
genetic causes

10% of serious diseases have a genetic component which could be prevented.

That's why we built Predictiv, the first DNA-based digital twin.

Based on your 20,000 genes, Predictiv is a digital version of you that enables us
to assess the level of risk for
 22,500 diseases (including 5,000 rare diseases),
and can simulate personalized reactions to over 784 drugs.

Predictiv offers a solution that helps predict, prevent, and understand a
holistic approach to your overall health by going further than a PDF.

The Predictiv Process

Preventive Plan

Our genetic counselors will set up a personalized preventive plan based on your digital twin and your lifestyle to provide you the best quality of life

Order, Clip, Return,
and Register

Once ordered, the DNA collection kit will be shipped to you. Clip your nails and return in the prepaid envelope. Next, you will register your unique numeric code online to access results 

Genetic Consultation

Once your digital twin is ready, we will send you a message to make an appointment with one of our healthcare partners  

DNA Extraction and DNA Sequencing

After we've received your DNA sample, it will be extracted, sequenced, and analyzed ​to create an exact copy of your DNA, better known as your Digital Twin​​

Step3 2.gif

Results & Genetic Counseling



Complete disease profile based on your analyzed genes and variants



Simulate your reactions to drugs based on their level of toxicity, efficiency, metabolism and dosage



List of genes, variants, and their technical details



A summary of your test results and major recommendations


Predictiv's holistic approach


Frequently asked questions

What does Predictiv do?

We sequence your DNA from your nails using a next generation sequencer such as NovaSeq-6000 and create an exact replica (digital twin) of your DNA to predict and prevent potential diseases and test your simulated reaction to 784+ drugs. Precision medicine: We identify your genetically susceptible diseases based on the DNA variants in all your genes. Being proactive: We educate you on our findings of your genetically susceptible diseases and the early symptoms.

What is next generation sequencing?

We use a DNA sequencer based on next generation sequencing technology. Compared to other DNA sequencing technologies, it allows high through put sequencing possible by the massively parallel sequencing feature.

Why do we need to sequence all 20,000 genes?

To be proactive! The DNA sequence of 20,000 genes is like the blueprint for a building. If you see a problem in a building structure, you may want to see the blueprint to identify the problem. The best approach is to prevent a problem even before it happens if you can find its origins in the blueprint. Sequencing all 20,000 genes is like having a complete blueprint for all of your genes. Another benefit for sequencing all 20,000 genes is that you can quickly evaluate your genetic susceptibilities to conditions that you would not consider now. From our Standard Package, we provide easy electronic access to all your variants of your genes.

What about my privacy? Do you share data with 3rd parties?

Data security and privacy is in our DNA. We do not share or sell any data. The customer has complete and total control and ownership over their data. Predictiv, as Category 2 Level 1 & 2 Software as a Medical Device, follows FDA regulations and is compliant with HIPAA. Predictiv uses two-factor authentication and RSA 2048 Bit KeysEncryption. Trust us, it's secure.


What People Are Saying


Haitham Alhumsi

A scalable way to predict and prevent serious health concerns and I believe this field will continue to evolve in the future as the body of research advances.

Screen Shot 2021-07-04 at 1.11.11 AM.png

Travis Hoyt

Having a comprehensive view of your genetic makeup can not only help address any potential health risks I may face, but could also inform potential risks for my children. Having the knowledge Predictiv can provide may help tailor my diet and healthcare support to suit me in a bespoke way.

Screen Shot 2021-07-04 at 1.07.47 AM.png

S. Burcham

As a healthcare worker from a long line of healthcare workers, I foresee the  value of Predictiv for the health and well-being of clients. I am excited for this to hit the market so that I can take advantage of it personally and share it with the physicians in the family.