Predictiv Care goes beyond your genes. We deliver the most comprehensive precision care for you and your family. We are bringing precision health at your fingertips.

Meet Your First Digital Twin.

Predictiv takes a comprehensive approach and integrates your health history, your lifestyle and your genes. 

A Digital Version of You

and your 20,000 genes. A solution that evolves at the speed of science.

Your genes are the blueprint of your health. Explore how your genes and lifestyle may affect your health predisposition, how you may respond to certain medications and how you may respond to food and your environment.

A Digital Version of You

An Integrated Solution

with 22,000+ known diseases assessed and 750+ drugs and their interactions screened.

With Predictiv Care, you will have the most comprehensive healthcare solution right in your pocket. Access your genes, your health history and goals, and your own care team 24/7.

An Integrated Solution

An Interactive Platform

that is searchable and easy-to-use to explore your own genes and health data.

We offer a searchable and easy-to-use app to explore your entire genes, health data and lifestyle. Our app has real-time reporting with new features throughout the year.

An Interactive Platform

Redefining the Way We Care.
Human-centered, AI-Powered Care Team

Our care partners are at your fingertips with online access to genetic counselors, wellness coaches, and nutritionists.  In addition to virtual visits, you can directly message any questions or concerns to the Predictiv Care team anytime.

Most Advanced

Genetic Sequencing Technology

Next Generation Sequencing: whole genome of whole exome sequencing.

Predictiv uses the most advanced DNA testing: next generation sequencing.  We test 20,000+ genes against 22,000+ diseases and the most important medications so you and your care team can gain insights and make more informed decisions on your health.



Genetic Counselors

Genetic counseling meets artificial intelligence.

Our board-certified genetic counselors and clinicians will provide a personalized genetic counseling session.  Learn more about yourself and get your questions answered from the comfort of your home. 



Wellness Coaches

Turn your health goals into healthy habits.

Predictiv nutritionists and wellness coaches will not only support you in setting healthy lifestyle plans and goals—they are here to guide you along the way so you can turn them into healthy habits.

Predictiv Care


Health Concierge

Personalized attention and exceptional service.

The Predictiv Care Concierge service combines digital chat and resource tools with traditional care management techniques to provide you with exceptional attention and quality care that accommodates your schedule and lifestyle.

Reimagining Your Health Data.

Doctor's Appointment

Data Ownership & Privacy

You own your data. We never sell or share any of your data without your prior consent. Our Private Policy is really that simple.

Health Data Access 24/7

Access your health data anywhere and anytime.  Share it with your existing or new care team members.

Person-Centered Care

Our care team focuses on each individual’s unique preferences, values and needs. Your partners in heath include physicians, genetic counselors, nutrition and wellness coaches, and a 24/7 care concierge team who are committed to your care as much as you are.

Our Process is Simple.

Health Care at Your Fingertips.


Partner With Us on Your Road to Wellness.